Secret Discovery - I Turn To You Melanie C cover

Secret Discovery - I Turn To You (Melanie C cover)

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Дата добавления: 2016-12-19

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Текст песни:

when the world is darker than I can understand
when nothing turns out the way I planned
when the sky turns grey and there's no end in sight
when I can't sleep through the lonely night

I turn to you
like a flower leaning toward the sun
I turn to you
'cos you're the only one
who can turn me around, when I'm upside down
I turn to you

when my insides are wracked with anxiety
you have the touch that will quiet me
you lift my spirit, you melt the ice
when I need inspiration. when I need advice

I turn to you...

where would I be, what would I do?
If you'ld never helped me through
I hope someday, if you've lost your way
you could turn to me like I turn to you

I turn to you...

Видео SECRET DISCOVERY - I Turn To You (Melanie C. Cover)
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