Jay Ray - Crucial Fracture

Jay Ray - Crucial Fracture

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Дата добавления: 2016-09-29

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Текст песни:

By a little twist of fate
You get soaked in to this lake
It welcomes you with warmeness
Gentle feeling of softness

1st verse

Like a sun going down, escaping from you
You feel tired and worthless
Where there was a light, now is darkness
Its consuming you to the bone

The small crucial fragement of fate
Uniting two as one since the day
It comes so strong, so strong feel it is going to be everlasting


And you embrace it in your arms
Hold it dear
Never let it go, even the sun goes down
You open your eyes wide with fear

After Chorus

You are going to be alone again
Just empty shell
Empty, disposed

2nd verse

Crucial fragment of love
Lifting you high, so high above
Giving you a place to be at, something to hold on to

Until it all comes crashing down
Forcing you down on your knees
Down on your knees
Until you start to drown


By a little twist of fate you get soaked in this lake
(It welcomes you with warmness, gentle feeling of softness)
Youre going to be alone again, empty, disposed, holding on


You fight for it, not wanting to lose
The harder you fight, the more you lose

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