Ice Cube - The Gutter Shit

Ice Cube - The Gutter Shit

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Ice Cube
I been servin' niggas since 1985
Niggas want the gutter
Ice Cube, Jay-O Felony
My nigga Gangsta, Squeek Rule
Keep it gangsta y'all, keep it gangsta

Niggas want that gutter shit
Fuck that other shit, that play it for your mother shit
Ain't the rugged shit repeat

verse one
Keep it gangsta y'all, I want to thank you all
Niggas comin' with that bullshit, it's gankin' y'all
We can ride to this kinda shit and bank them all
Nigga ball 'till you fall motherfucker thats all
Can't none of y'all hang with me putin' in work
Turn this motherfucker up unless you goin' to church
Nowadays, crazy ass bitches want they bills paid
But can't even make a good thang of kool-aid (ha ha)
But chicken heads get chicken feed (bahk bakh)
(a) Lil' dick and weed (bahk bakh)
Everything that a chicken need (bahk bakh)
Tryin' to pot I get real as Chris Rock
Make a bitch hot, turn into Fort Knox (bitch know)
It's Ice Cube comin' straight from the gutter
Westcoast Don, you fags undastata (?)

Jayo (verse two)
There is sa-lethal in the gas chamber
I'm full of anger, nigga the west is in the house
But you still in for some danger
And when i'm thru, I take your bitch and finger bang her
But if she looks tossed up, i'll slang her
Beat you like mama dearest with a clothes hanger
Cuz the gang a niggas be tryin' to spit
But you can't spit it like this
I come equiped to rip, any battle
And leave him strung in his crew
but they put me in the twist like Trump
I can collapse or puncture, the lungs of anyone
Give him a chance to spit his last word, unerve
then he done
20/20 ain't good enough
Rappers they ain't seein' me, this Jay-O Felony
And nobody can stand three of me
Caution keep MC's out of my reach, i'm on a mission
And be gettin' to your fuckin' hide to be called a physician
Immediately, I puts it down at a show (Jay-O)
But loked to choke the shit out a fool, nigga dat's on doo low

Ice Cube
Keep it gansta y'all, keep it gangsta (keep it gangsta)
Keep it gansta y'all, keep it gangsta (keep it gangsta)
Keep it gansta y'all, keep it gangsta (all my life)
Keep it gansta y'all, keep it gangsta (all my life)

verse three
I'm sick of these rap niggas lyin' 'bout they rich (what?)
Lyin' 'bout they bitch (what?)
Lyin' 'bout they dick (what?)
I'm sick of these rap niggas lyin' 'bout they hits (huh?)
Lyin' 'bout they whips (huh?)
Lyin' 'bout they six (yeah)
I'm sick of these rap niggas lyin' 'bout they clothes (brrrmmph)
Lyin' 'bout they hoes (uhh)
Lyin' 'bout they rows (uhh)
I'm sick of these rap niggas lyin' 'bout they house (punk)
Lyin' about they clout (yeah)
Lyin' up in they mouth (yeah yeah)
It's the Mah-hurage-ny, my niggas kamekaze
Illuminaughty, bitch hoes in they body
We the riders, we push like mahz-er-aties
Do karatees, on hatters, and you hotties
Fuck the party, come on, my niggas focus
We the richest, pretend that we the brokest
Niggas notice, as soon as you're checking quotas
We the coldest, so go and tell the rollers (biotch)

Gangsta (verse four)
Who dat? next out the game, in blue kahks
Gangsta's the name, niggas wonderin' how I do that
By the thug way, package and transportin' the drug way
Only means of makin' a livin', the Crip and Blood way
I'm on grates when i'm grindin'
I'm on stakes when i'm dinnin'
And on sunday's on the wine
Is you can't calm the savage beast (never)
And I can make your birds rise like geese, K-Mac tell 'em
You sell 'em, I swell 'em, loke (sell 'em loke)
Hard or soft determines how much a nigga se

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